Leica has something new to release on June 13th at HxGN LIVE. We put together our ‘wish list’ if items we are hoping for and will just keep our fingers crossed until June 13th.  What are your wish list items on a new Leica?

Hxagon live

How about a mini version of the already miniature BLK360-m?……..We’re thinking scaling back the BLK360  to the size of the Theta S 360 camera?


How about a ‘BLK360-R’………Equipped with  the Leica P50 features jam packed into the BLK360. It would match accuracy, have a dual axis compensator  and 1 kilometer scan range. WOW!


Let’s hope for a ‘BLK360 SRT.‘ An upgraded package offering extended features for downloading the scans directly from the unit at high speeds!

BLK360 cable

Even better; a ‘BLK360 ZR1‘ option could include the cable and Mini SD Card for managing scans and quicker downloading of the scan data.

sdcard BLK360

Let’s take it to another level… The ‘BLKM600 AERIAL PACKAGE’………imagine if it encompassed IMU, Prism and Profile mode for the scanner to be locked in at one angle for capturing data on the drone. Sort of  like NOAR Technologies presented at Autodesk University 2017!

‘BLK360-MV MOBILTY VEHICLE PACKAGE’………IMU, Prism and Profile mode for the scanner to be locked in at one angle for capturing data from electric vehicle. vehiclewblk360flipped

BLK360-AM………This would be the AUTONOMOUS MOBILITY Package. Also known as ‘the BLK-Roomba for reality capture.’ Maybe BLK-BIIMBA


Why stop there! Expectations are high and this is a wish list…                                Autonomous BLK360 MOBILITY Package with SCAN TO BIM Features.


Regardless of our out of the box wish list we cannot wait for the release of Leica’s new hardware or software and we are looking forward to seeing all of you at Hexagon 2018. To meet up, send an email to


BLK360 Project data delivered


This video displays the workflow from BLK360 to Autodesk ReCAP and advantages of the 3D over the 2D environment. To learn more or pre-order the BLK 360

BLK360 to AUTODESK RECAP real world project data – 3 minute video

NOAR Technologies receives the first production BLK360 in North America. NOAR Technologies specializes in intricacies of Leica 3D laser scanning data and Autodesk software to construct existing documentation. The intricacies of pioneering these workflows lead right into the SCAN to BIM development. Today NOAR Technologies can provide professional training to capture reality with the incredible amount of  reality capture hardware. Reality Capture technology is remarkably revolutionizing our industry.  Today NOAR Technologies provides the tools and equipment to capture any environment from the sky, ground, water and even from below ground. All this virtual reality data is easily placed into Samsung goggles for real world environment. VR NOAR1Professionals are immersed immediately into a 3D environment. It is easier to view and collaborate with general contractors. The 3D perspective is easily adaptive and immediately merges the professional into the environment.  Professional can immediately take true measurements in a virtual space.  The BLK360  is also perfect for confined spaces. Review Real world data from the first BLK360 production scanner.
*New firmware will be released to improve the data show in the near future. Looks incredible for under 16k.


Virtual Reality and Point Clouds

Virtual reality has officially made its way into homes across America. As advertised VR goggles  provide endless 360 degree entertainment. At first look it appears that virtual reality goggles are for kids and gaming only, but look again. Professionals in AEC and Plant industries can experience anything, anywhere to scale.

Immerse yourself into any existing Point Cloud. VR goggles provide up close look at as-built data. Viewers can move from scanworld to scanworld throughout the point cloud. Measurements can be taken, information can be displayed, and even hyperlinks are available. BIM models can be uploaded and merged for truly immersive visual inspection. This video provides real world example data but nothing compares to the view when actually wearing the glasses. This game changing technology is available now.

NOAR Technologies specializes in reality capture and provides 3D laser scanners, Drones, Autodesk and Virtual Reality solutions. Special thanks to Design Mill, Inc for the VR experience.

BLK360 Autodesk + Leica = Revolutionary REALITY CAPTURE.

NOAR Technologies

The most revolutionary realty capture development revealed at Autodesk University!
Leica + Autodesk ReCAP 360 = BLK360
The most profound imaging 3D scanner ever announced. The data, the accuracy and the cost are real. This versatile and easy to use scanner will capture and deliver incredible results.

img_5401360,000 points a second
60m range
3 minute scans with HDR images
4mm accuracy
Seamless transfer with iPAD
Instant Registration with Autodesk ReCAP 360 PRO.
Collaborative data sharing in the cloud.

Are you ready? All of this for $15,995



P40 elevated.jpgADSK Solutions has elevated their rental pool. We have P40, P30, P20, C10, 7000 and other scanners available upon request. We aim to always have equipment available for rentals; if we don’t we will help you find what you are looking for.   RESERVE – CAPTURE – RETURN. Targets, target poles, elevated and inverted tri-pods available, and other scanning supplies are also available along with your scanner rentals. ADSK even offers UAV rentals upon request.

ADSK Solutions’s extremely tall, inverted, and easy to use tri-pod made capturing what was at first thought to be impossible, possible. This scan provided the data for the top of an extended construction crane. A simple turn of a power drill initiates the tripod to make it’s climb quickly with ease. No step ladders required. The same tripod was inverted to go where no man really wants to go, inside of a sewer manhole. The secure fasteners kept the scanner safe, and it eliminated those scary safety risks that we all encounter when we need to capture data in out of the ordinary places.



Remote Lite app connects directly with Leica P-series scanners

Once in place, the scanner was controlled via an iPhone (an iPad is also capable of running a Leica Scanner). All of the standard commands are still available when utilizing handheld devices.

Manhole inside scan1.JPG

We have to give a shout out to the extreme capabilities of Leica’s P40. It was made for extreme conditions, longer ranges, and the terrible weather no one wants to scan in, rain. The P40 and our inverted tripod will give your firm the advantage to get these “out of the ordinary” scans and set you apart from your competition. Add in the invaluable remote control capabilities using an iPhone or iPad and the options are limitless. These scanning solutions and the training to get you ready to take on that next “out of the ordinary scan” are always available at Send us an email to inquire or give us a call at 248.906.ADSK (2375).

ADSK Solutions 3D scanner rental page.


New Leica 3D laser scanners and software solutions

Contact ADSK Solutions - Leica GOLD dealer for complimentary presentation and VIP workflows to complete deliverables.

Contact ADSK Solutions for all of the latest insight and devlopments for new Leica 3D laser scanners, software and how this could impact you. 248-906-ADSK (2375)

What a great week at the SPAR conference! Leica Geosystems unveiled three new scanners, referred to as the P-Series, the P40, P30, and P16! These scanners have some really great advances for HDS workflows.  A few of these outstanding new features are listed below:

  • HDR Imaging (no more honeycomb images)
  • Scan in the rain and fog (IP54 rating for dust and water resistance)
  • Incredibly clean point clouds
  • Longer range (up to 270m)
  • -20 to +50 degrees C

*New firmware for P20 to be released May 1st. You don’t want to miss this upgrade!

Jetstream software


Leica Geosystems Announces New JetStream Software for CLOUDWORX, an Ultra-High-Speed Server for Laser Scan Data and Improved Project Data  Management Platform. Contact ADSK Solutions today to attend one of our live presentations!


Streaming Laser Scan Data for Big Office Productivity Gains
Instantaneous loading of point cloud data sets of any size. No waiting, no “regens”, and no patchy screen.
Centralized “Project Vault” for Data Management
Leica JetStream Project Vault is a true archive of project data, including point clouds, images, saved clips and layers from Leica Cyclone, and survey control.
Flexible and Affordable Deployment
Affordable deployment options to support their usage needs.
Contact ADSK Solutions Leica Geosystems GOLD dealer for details 248-906-ADSK (2375) –

Pointcloud walking in NW

This new plug-in from Leica enables complete workflows for BIM. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed.  BIM for existing structures are captured with 3D laser scanners for providing as-built conditions in brilliant fidelity. Millions of photo realistic, accurate measurements can be acquired in seconds and they turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process. Now with the new version of Cloudworx for Navisworks (NAVISWORX) points clouds can be seamlessly intergrated into the entire design process utilizing there native format.

global trueviews


Leica Geosystems announces TruView Global                  TruViews are now accessible via any Internet browser, on any device, without a plug-in.

TruView Global, TruViews are now a viable deliverable to any client. Users will find all the same important, popular, and familiar TruView capabilities such as zoom, pan, measurement/mark-up, geotags, and navigation between scan locations, with added and improved offerings including mark-ups being centrally stored for immediate visibility across project partners/concurrent users. This creates a better collaborative environment with easier information sharing between stakeholders.


TruView Global is also backwards compatible. All existing and previous TruViews can be imported and updated to the new TruView Global server format for improved access and collaboration—simply upload existing or new project data to the TruView Global server. Re-energising old projects with TruView Global offers end-users new capabilities from legacy data. All TruView Global point cloud views, from legacy or new data, will continue to take advantage of the “free for use” business model, allowing free access and viewing to end-users.

Lots of changes and more to come. Point clouds are becoming more and more common. Have you seen the hand scanners that are available? It’s time to take advanage of 3D laser scanning technology. Contact ADSK Solutions today for your complimentary presentation of scanning and crucial software workflows and solutions. I have been working with 3D laser scanners since 1998 and utilized the first 3D scanner Cyrax 2400 (now Leica) that was released for production use. I actually have it in my office and yes it still works!

TechKNOWLEDGEy is continously evolving; are you?

HSQJ_5723       ADSK SOLUTIONS (full logo)

Chad Studer
ADSK Solutions, LLC
Troy, MI

Autodesk REAL Conference

As a technology professional I understand how hard it is to keep up with new technology. We have project deadlines, family, friends, and of course personal obligations. It is a full time commitment to be a preferred technology partner. I hope you enjoy the new technology as much as I did at the conference. We offer sales and solutions to all new technology listed below. IMG_3054 Autodesk ReCAP AUTO-REGISTRATION I cannot admit or deny that Auto registration is going to be released. The video below speaks for itself. If you have kept up with my video and post with ReCAP in the past you would know we discussed the iPAD tablet option that was  going to be released with a scanner to perform autoregistration. In this video Autodesk is loading scans directly into ReCAP to perform autoregistration. Contact your Autodesk reseller for more information about this release. ADSK Solutions will be the first to release proof of concept data and release dates like always.

Leica BACKPACK Scanner Another insight at the real conference was the Leica backpack 3D scanner. I don’t have all of the details yet. Ok, not sure if I can share all of the details. I can tell you that ADSK Solutions will be providing one of the very first presentation in Michigan. Feel free contact us for details.

Leica BACKPACK Scanner

Leica BACKPACK Scanner

 As you know ADSK Solutions offers UAV/DRONES. We are now offering the Leica now offered from now offered from

Stop by anytime to test fly our learn how to fly drone. We shared this booth with P3D Systems. This is the PROSCAN and we utilized it to complete a proof of concept plant project to complete 1 million sqft under a weekend. This Kinematic (mobile) indoor scanner is compatible with Robotic total station indoor and GPS outdoors. Contact us today for a rental, proof of concept or purchase today.

PROSCAN, Kenimatic (mobile indoor and outdoor) 3D Laser scanner.

PROSCAN, Kenimatic (mobile indoor and outdoor) 3D Laser scanner.

Hand Scanner and 3D printing to be published shortly from proof of concept at the Real conference.



Autodesk created a new division called Reality Capture a couple years back. Within that time we have seen Autodesk develop RECAP software for almost all Autodesk design suites, RECAP PHOTO and RECAP PRO for registering point clouds. They have also released Memento and more. Check out the latest in reality capture (computing) and augmenting techology with Autodesk at AUTODESK REAL in SAN FRANSICO.

UAV (DRONE) TRAINING offered by ADSK Solutions

ADSK Solutions, Troy MI offeres UAV aka drone solutions.

ADSK Solutions offers UAV aka Drone traning and solutions.

ADSK Solutions is a techKNOWLEDGEy Partner with a primary focus on reality computing. We are a Autodesk Silver Partner and provide rental solutions for UAVs, 3D laser scanning, static, hand held, mobile, and kinematic; we also offer reality capture solutions for your firm. Recently, we have discovered a need for UAV, or more commonly knowns as Drone, solutions and workflows.

Our UAV training provides the fundamental concepts for UAV flight training, UAV comparisons, FPV (first person point of view), ground station, (waypoints) video processing and a specialization in photo capture to pointcloud (3D model deliverables). Utilizing a GoPro camera ADSK can capture photos, provide flight paths which then allows us to capture topographical surveys. The deliverable is a 3D point cloud on survey control points.

ADSK Solutions photos returned as a point cloud in Autodesk ReCAP.

ADSK photos returned as a point cloud in Autodesk ReCAP.

ADSK Solutions ran a 40 minute flight path and captured our old office building in Troy, MI. Photos were submited to Autodesk ReCap and this 3D point cloud was returned the next day.

Video of this site was also captured when ADSK Solutions teamed with Autodesk and TJ McCue to present Autodesk 3DRV event. One of our guest speakers, Dr Arron Morris from Autodesk, presented the Phanton II and an incredable video that is available here.

ADSK SOLUTIONS first office building 850 Stephenson hwy, Troy, MI

ADSK SOLUTIONS first office building 850 Stephenson hwy, Troy, MI

ADSK Solutions 3D point cloud opened in the free version of Autodesk ReCAP.

ADSK SOLUTIONS, UAV point cloud inserted in Autodesk InfraWorks 360.

ADSK SOLUTIONS, UAV point cloud inserted in Autodesk InfraWorks 360.

ADSK Solutions certified professionals, utilizing InfraWorks 360 and Model Builder, created this site  and generated the pointcloud in 20 minutes!

ADSK Solutions creates 3D topographical surface from drone point cloud.

ADSK Solutions creates 3D topographical surface with single click from drone point cloud.

Once inserted into Civil 3D 2015 we were able to create a topographical surface with a single click using the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Point Cloud Surface Extraction feature availabe on subscription website. Civil 3D points and feature lines could be added to complete topographical survey.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Point Cloud Surface Extraction

ADSK Solutions training includes all workflows above and covers all the functions of UAV to fly projects successfully. Contact us today and come test fly our drones, run a 3D laser scanner and obtain a better understanding of the functionality and benefits of utilizing Autodesk software. Below is a link to our ADSK Solutions Youtube page for more information about our company and drone projects. 248.906.ADSK –

3D Laser Scanning on TV – TIME SCANNERS

I am very excited to announce that “Time Scanners” ( – a new TV series featuring Leica scanners and software being used to provide remarkable, new insights into iconic world heritage sites – will be premiering in the USA tonight (PBS @8:00pm Eastern; 7:00 pm Central; 8:00pm Pacific).

“Time Scanners” is, to date, the biggest & best exposure for laser scanning by far to the general public. Lauded as “amazing technology”, the show pairs Leica scanners and software with a renowned structural engineer (Steve Burrows, WSP) to provide viewers with a virtual journey back in time that unlocks some of the world’s oldest engineering mysteries.

The TV series began airing internationally in February and for many months all six episodes (Petra, Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), Coliseum, Machu Pichu, and Jerusalem) had found their way onto YouTube. However, YouTube versions are apparently no longer available, as they were apparently not formally unauthorized. So, if you want to see these shows, you can no longer simply look them up on YouTube. PBS is currently promoting a three-part series (Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Petra), and may possibly opt to air the other three sites in the future.

Steve Burrows and Malcolm Williamson of Univ of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) gave a thrilling, standing-room-only presentation on Time Scanners at HxGN LIVE (picture below is Steve Burrows and myself after his presentation). Almost all of these sites had been scanned in the past and all had been studied by learned specialists for many, many years. So, what was the key to unlocking amazing, new secrets for this TV series? The key was putting rich, accurate, 3D scan data in front of the right person – in this case, Steve Burrows – who viewed the data with the eyes and experience of a world-class structural and building engineer. Another key was manipulating it (done by CAST staff) and viewing it in just the right way for him. The importance of those general ideas – providing the right deliverable to the right person – carry well beyond this TV series.
If you’re into scanning and want your friends & family to appreciate the technology you use, have them watch this if they can. Also, anyone into construction or architecture will love these shows, so pass the word.

For additional information about the teams behind this series and each site, see this link for Atlantic Productions (UK), which produced the TV series:


Best regards