Kinematic Mobile 3D Laser Scanning

Attach any static scanner that provides the profile option to the top of the trolly, golf cart, all-terrian vehical or use custom mount and actually walk with the system. The presentation below was provided from an event that ADSK Solutions provided at Comerica park (Tiger Stadium) in downtown Detroit. The data is captured, processed, and shown in Autodesk ReCap and Autodesk Infraworks 2014.

The PROSCAN system captures data INSIDE and OUTSIDE. The system is currently available for purchase and ADSK Solutions offer proof of concept projects. We are located in Troy, Michigan and looking  forward to your feedback.


Autodesk ReCap Pro available for Download


Autodesk ReCap Pro provides the ability to register 3D laser scans together.
Watch Autodesk ReCAP Pro presentation in 3 minutes or less.

3D laser scanning provides the ability to capture existing as-built data. Millions of photo realistic and highly accurate 3D measurements can be acquired in seconds and collectively digitize any environment as a cloud of individual points. The 3D laser scanner is moved throughout the facility to capture data. Like placing pieces together to complete a puzzle. 3D laser scan locations must be tied together.

Autodesk ReCap Pro provides a seamless workflow to complete this with or WITHOUT utilizing targets. Simply match two points in plan-view with overlapping scandata and Autodesk ReCap Pro will run an algorithm to register both scan locations together. Once the algorithm is complete, accuracy of overlapping data is reported. Autodesk ReCap Pro can also combine scan locations from perspective views. This is often known as cloud to cloud registration. Select three points in each scan location and scan data is registered as one. Autodesk ReCap Pro has enhanced this workflow by providing images. Matching three points’ from side by side overlapping images has simplified the registration process. Once three points are matched in side by side photos a 3D registered point cloud is developed and a 3D virtual site is created replicating complete accurate as-built data of existing conditions. This 3D registered point cloud can be viewed in Autodesk ReCap. Measurements can be taken from anywhere within the virtual facility. Data can be placed on unique regions and turned off as required for renovations. Sections can be developed to compare 3D virtual site to existing 2D CAD drawings for verification of existing as-built data.

Autodesk REALITY CAPTURE TEAM has been busy. This team has only been together for a little more than a year and have already released Autodesk ReCap, ReCap Photo and ReCap PRO. Autodesk is dedicated to providing the best software in the world for utilizing Point clouds. I encourage everyone to get familiar with point clouds. Soon PC will stand for Point Clouds not personal computer.
Autodesk ReCap Pro Download