BLK360 Autodesk + Leica = Revolutionary REALITY CAPTURE.

NOAR Technologies

The most revolutionary realty capture development revealed at Autodesk University!
Leica + Autodesk ReCAP 360 = BLK360
The most profound imaging 3D scanner ever announced. The data, the accuracy and the cost are real. This versatile and easy to use scanner will capture and deliver incredible results.

img_5401360,000 points a second
60m range
3 minute scans with HDR images
4mm accuracy
Seamless transfer with iPAD
Instant Registration with Autodesk ReCAP 360 PRO.
Collaborative data sharing in the cloud.

Are you ready? All of this for $15,995


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About NOAR Technologies

UAV (Drone) and 3D laser scanning sales, rentals and implementations for static, mobile and kenimatic solutions. We specializes in capturing existing conditions and augmenting reality solutions for your firm. NOAR Technologies offers Autodesk software solutions and is an authorized GOLD dealer of Leica HDS. Our real world experienced certified professionals are the best in the country and available to provide software, professional training, support, consulting services, implementing 3D Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM solutions for your firm. Contact us today

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