Virtual Reality and Point Clouds

Virtual reality has officially made its way into homes across America. As advertised VR goggles  provide endless 360 degree entertainment. At first look it appears that virtual reality goggles are for kids and gaming only, but look again. Professionals in AEC and Plant industries can experience anything, anywhere to scale.

Immerse yourself into any existing Point Cloud. VR goggles provide up close look at as-built data. Viewers can move from scanworld to scanworld throughout the point cloud. Measurements can be taken, information can be displayed, and even hyperlinks are available. BIM models can be uploaded and merged for truly immersive visual inspection. This video provides real world example data but nothing compares to the view when actually wearing the glasses. This game changing technology is available now.

NOAR Technologies specializes in reality capture and provides 3D laser scanners, Drones, Autodesk and Virtual Reality solutions. Special thanks to Design Mill, Inc for the VR experience.

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About NOAR Technologies

UAV (Drone) and 3D laser scanning sales, rentals and implementations for static, mobile and kenimatic solutions. We specializes in capturing existing conditions and augmenting reality solutions for your firm. NOAR Technologies offers Autodesk software solutions and is an authorized GOLD dealer of Leica HDS. Our real world experienced certified professionals are the best in the country and available to provide software, professional training, support, consulting services, implementing 3D Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM solutions for your firm. Contact us today

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