BLK360 Project data delivered


This video displays the workflow from BLK360 to Autodesk ReCAP and advantages of the 3D over the 2D environment. To learn more or pre-order the BLK 360

BLK360 to AUTODESK RECAP real world project data – 3 minute video

NOAR Technologies receives the first production BLK360 in North America. NOAR Technologies specializes in intricacies of Leica 3D laser scanning data and Autodesk software to construct existing documentation. The intricacies of pioneering these workflows lead right into the SCAN to BIM development. Today NOAR Technologies can provide professional training to capture reality with the incredible amount of  reality capture hardware. Reality Capture technology is remarkably revolutionizing our industry.  Today NOAR Technologies provides the tools and equipment to capture any environment from the sky, ground, water and even from below ground. All this virtual reality data is easily placed into Samsung goggles for real world environment. VR NOAR1Professionals are immersed immediately into a 3D environment. It is easier to view and collaborate with general contractors. The 3D perspective is easily adaptive and immediately merges the professional into the environment.  Professional can immediately take true measurements in a virtual space.  The BLK360  is also perfect for confined spaces. Review Real world data from the first BLK360 production scanner.
*New firmware will be released to improve the data show in the near future. Looks incredible for under 16k.


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About NOAR Technologies

UAV (Drone) and 3D laser scanning sales, rentals and implementations for static, mobile and kenimatic solutions. We specializes in capturing existing conditions and augmenting reality solutions for your firm. NOAR Technologies offers Autodesk software solutions and is an authorized GOLD dealer of Leica HDS. Our real world experienced certified professionals are the best in the country and available to provide software, professional training, support, consulting services, implementing 3D Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM solutions for your firm. Contact us today

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