Leica has something new to release on June 13th at HxGN LIVE. We put together our ‘wish list’ if items we are hoping for and will just keep our fingers crossed until June 13th.  What are your wish list items on a new Leica?

Hxagon live

How about a mini version of the already miniature BLK360-m?……..We’re thinking scaling back the BLK360  to the size of the Theta S 360 camera?


How about a ‘BLK360-R’………Equipped with  the Leica P50 features jam packed into the BLK360. It would match accuracy, have a dual axis compensator  and 1 kilometer scan range. WOW!


Let’s hope for a ‘BLK360 SRT.‘ An upgraded package offering extended features for downloading the scans directly from the unit at high speeds!

BLK360 cable

Even better; a ‘BLK360 ZR1‘ option could include the cable and Mini SD Card for managing scans and quicker downloading of the scan data.

sdcard BLK360

Let’s take it to another level… The ‘BLKM600 AERIAL PACKAGE’………imagine if it encompassed IMU, Prism and Profile mode for the scanner to be locked in at one angle for capturing data on the drone. Sort of  like NOAR Technologies presented at Autodesk University 2017!

‘BLK360-MV MOBILTY VEHICLE PACKAGE’………IMU, Prism and Profile mode for the scanner to be locked in at one angle for capturing data from electric vehicle. vehiclewblk360flipped

BLK360-AM………This would be the AUTONOMOUS MOBILITY Package. Also known as ‘the BLK-Roomba for reality capture.’ Maybe BLK-BIIMBA


Why stop there! Expectations are high and this is a wish list…                                Autonomous BLK360 MOBILITY Package with SCAN TO BIM Features.


Regardless of our out of the box wish list we cannot wait for the release of Leica’s new hardware or software and we are looking forward to seeing all of you at Hexagon 2018. To meet up, send an email to