3D Laser Scanning on TV – TIME SCANNERS

I am very excited to announce that “Time Scanners” (http://www.pbs.org/program/time-scanners/) – a new TV series featuring Leica scanners and software being used to provide remarkable, new insights into iconic world heritage sites – will be premiering in the USA tonight (PBS @8:00pm Eastern; 7:00 pm Central; 8:00pm Pacific).

“Time Scanners” is, to date, the biggest & best exposure for laser scanning by far to the general public. Lauded as “amazing technology”, the show pairs Leica scanners and software with a renowned structural engineer (Steve Burrows, WSP) to provide viewers with a virtual journey back in time that unlocks some of the world’s oldest engineering mysteries.

The TV series began airing internationally in February and for many months all six episodes (Petra, Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), Coliseum, Machu Pichu, and Jerusalem) had found their way onto YouTube. However, YouTube versions are apparently no longer available, as they were apparently not formally unauthorized. So, if you want to see these shows, you can no longer simply look them up on YouTube. PBS is currently promoting a three-part series (Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Petra), and may possibly opt to air the other three sites in the future.

Steve Burrows and Malcolm Williamson of Univ of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) gave a thrilling, standing-room-only presentation on Time Scanners at HxGN LIVE (picture below is Steve Burrows and myself after his presentation). Almost all of these sites had been scanned in the past and all had been studied by learned specialists for many, many years. So, what was the key to unlocking amazing, new secrets for this TV series? The key was putting rich, accurate, 3D scan data in front of the right person – in this case, Steve Burrows – who viewed the data with the eyes and experience of a world-class structural and building engineer. Another key was manipulating it (done by CAST staff) and viewing it in just the right way for him. The importance of those general ideas – providing the right deliverable to the right person – carry well beyond this TV series.
If you’re into scanning and want your friends & family to appreciate the technology you use, have them watch this if they can. Also, anyone into construction or architecture will love these shows, so pass the word.

For additional information about the teams behind this series and each site, see this link for Atlantic Productions (UK), which produced the TV series: http://www.timescanners.com/us/


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This event will showcase Robert Shear, Senior Director, Reality Solutions, Autodesk. Robert Shear leads the new Reality Capture division at Autodesk. You do not want to miss this presentation. He will speak about current technology and where it is going in the future. Reserve your seat TODAY!



Point Cloud BLUES

blue colors in Revit from ReCapImporting and cleaning point cloud data usally works well in Autodesk ReCap, but if your point cloud ends up turning blue after importing to Revit this Solu-around will help.

1. Import to Autodesk ReCap
2. Remove/clean up data
3. Exports as rcs
4. Open ReCap, new project select rcs file you exported and import it again.
5. The colors should looks good, export it as rcs and open it in Revit

Cyclone 8.03 update and firmware release

Cyclone update 8.03 has been released to solve a couple of issues. Most noticable it provides the ability to import P20 data without requiring a network or wi-fi connection.
8.02 upgrade to .03

Leica ScanStation P20 Firmware V1.21 05/29/2013 is available for the P20. Be sure to to install this on the P20 or blue coloring can appear during outside photos.
P20 bad image

New and FREE POINT CLOUD apps available for Civil 3D

Extracting point cloud features.

Extracting point cloud features.

Scan manager in action

Scan manager in action

New point cloud apps available for all Autodesk platforms built on AutoCAD. These apps are complementary and can be installed immediately.

Point Cloud Scan Manager
The scan manager is a great tool. It provides the ability to turn individual scans on and off. Similar to layers it lets users manage data and display only what is necessary. This app updates the point cloud display while the scan manager is open to confirm the correct scan was selected. Simply install the app below and select the point cloud to utilize the scan manager app. Becareful if you turn all of the scans off you will need to type PCScanMan to display the scan manager.


Feature extraction app now available
Feature extraction tool has endless opportunities. As an Infrastructure professional I immediately gravitated to the cropping and section tool. I was impressed with both of these. Cropping is very simple. Select the point cloud and chose rectangular or polygonal. This feature is obvious and provides expected results. The section tool was less obvious. I used a Solu-Around like expressed on my Civil3Dguru.com blog. Utilize the section tool and select polygon to crop the centerline or paint stripe. Select the starting point of the line and end point. Yes an accurate 3D polyline is drawn that can be used to develop existing surface.
For training and information please contact info@adsksolutions.com

SPAR and Pointclouds in InfraWorks 2014


ADSK Solutions had the pleasure of presenting 2014 pointcloud workflows in the Autodest booth at SPAR. This is a small look at whats to come. ADSK Solutions offers mobile scanning rentals and purchases. Automatic linework extraction software and the latest 3D scanning techKNOWLEDGEy available. Download 2014 Autodesk ReCap today to get started. Contact ADSK Solutions to become experts and well known in this industry. Info@ADSKsolutions.com

Register new Leica HDS P20 on the portal


ADSK Solutions received the new Leica HDS scanstation P20 All in one 3D laser scanner. ALL IN ONE includes mobile scanning indoor and out. We have also purchased another Leica HDS C10 to keep up with client demands. We recommend purchasing equipment but do offer 3D scanning rentals and onsite training. Be sure to register your scanning equipment at https://myworld.leica-geosystems.com/irj/portal This also provides access to software that is not available on the Leica HDS website.

SOLU-AROUND: Mutiple targets can be accquired at the same time with the P20 and/or the C10 from on borad controls.

Autodesk Point Clouds and ALLPoint Systems

ADSK Solutions was working with Allpoints providing solutions to our customers since May 2012. We kept this quit and only interfaced with our direct clients because of the advantage that it offered. AllPoint software solutions was incredible. The general concept was scanning without targets. The scanner was attached to a laptop and used robotic technology to know where it was in space. Move the scanner to the next location and it would know it’s relation to the last scan. As the scanner moves around the facility it dumped each scanworld into a queue and the software registered them together in the     background while the scanner continued. The project was registered automatically by the time you left the site.


Did I mention NO TARGETS are used? ALLpoints also offered software known as Insight. This provided a solution to view and measure point clouds on the internet.

I am not sure what took so long for a company to acquire ALLpoints. It was obvious this is a big part of the future for capturing existing conditions. Scanning providers have dreamed of capturing data without the use of targets for years. I am eager to learn about Autodesk vision of this software. The possibilities are endless and I think this will be a point in the timeline that we all remember that changes capturing existing conditions for the better.

If you are thinking about purchasing a scanner or working with point clouds but have decided to wait. It is time to get started. Automatic registration is the one simple piece that was missing for Lidar, Mobile, and Static scanning to become that everyday tool that we thought it would become one day.

More information on Autodesk acquiring Allpoint. https://www.sparpointgroup.com/News/Vol11No5-Autodesk-buy-of-Allpoint-is-part-of-bigger-things-to-come/