P40 elevated.jpgADSK Solutions has elevated their rental pool. We have P40, P30, P20, C10, 7000 and other scanners available upon request. We aim to always have equipment available for rentals; if we don’t we will help you find what you are looking for.   RESERVE – CAPTURE – RETURN. Targets, target poles, elevated and inverted tri-pods available, and other scanning supplies are also available along with your scanner rentals. ADSK even offers UAV rentals upon request.

ADSK Solutions’s extremely tall, inverted, and easy to use tri-pod made capturing what was at first thought to be impossible, possible. This scan provided the data for the top of an extended construction crane. A simple turn of a power drill initiates the tripod to make it’s climb quickly with ease. No step ladders required. The same tripod was inverted to go where no man really wants to go, inside of a sewer manhole. The secure fasteners kept the scanner safe, and it eliminated those scary safety risks that we all encounter when we need to capture data in out of the ordinary places.



Remote Lite app connects directly with Leica P-series scanners

Once in place, the scanner was controlled via an iPhone (an iPad is also capable of running a Leica Scanner). All of the standard commands are still available when utilizing handheld devices.

Manhole inside scan1.JPG

We have to give a shout out to the extreme capabilities of Leica’s P40. It was made for extreme conditions, longer ranges, and the terrible weather no one wants to scan in, rain. The P40 and our inverted tripod will give your firm the advantage to get these “out of the ordinary” scans and set you apart from your competition. Add in the invaluable remote control capabilities using an iPhone or iPad and the options are limitless. These scanning solutions and the training to get you ready to take on that next “out of the ordinary scan” are always available at ADSKsolutions.com. Send us an email to inquire info@ADSKsolutions.com or give us a call at 248.906.ADSK (2375).

ADSK Solutions 3D scanner rental page.




Check out the new scanner Leica released. P20 – New Leica High Definition Laser Scanner, FIRST EVER 1,000,000 points a second TIME OF FLIGHT SCANNER. Leica has produced the ultimate all in one scanner. http://www.leica-geosystems.com/en/Leica-ScanStation-P20_101869.htm Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVzlgRKxgzg

Leica HDS P20 ALL-IN-ONE Laser Scanner

Leica HDS P20 ALL-IN-ONE Laser Scanner

Contact info@ADSKsolutions.com for a presentation.

  • up to 1,000,000 points per secon
  • class 1 laser
  • accuracy of 3mm at 50m
  • full C10 surveying functionality
  • extended the temperatures -20C
  • through +50C (-4F through 122F)
  • re-calibrate automatically and electronically
  • targets can be acquired in the field
  • with a Face1/Face2 methodology
  • up dated screen and icons
  • integrated WiFi
  • upside down scanning
  • extended battery life

Free Cloudworx Training

Complimentary Cloudworx training is available from Leica Geosystems. Simple click the link below to choose from two eLearning videos. Cloudworx for Revit and Cloudworx for AutoCAD. These recorded presentations are instructor lead and provide an in-depth look at Cloudworx. Course material is available and training can be paused to work through features as they are shown. Free Cloudworx Training

For onsite training or follow up questions please contact chadstuder@ADSKsolutions.com. As an Autodesk and Leica HDS provider we specialize in supporting your Leica HDS Deliverables and workflows. Call today for an ONSITE presentation