New Leica 3D laser scanners and software solutions

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What a great week at the SPAR conference! Leica Geosystems unveiled three new scanners, referred to as the P-Series, the P40, P30, and P16! These scanners have some really great advances for HDS workflows.  A few of these outstanding new features are listed below:

  • HDR Imaging (no more honeycomb images)
  • Scan in the rain and fog (IP54 rating for dust and water resistance)
  • Incredibly clean point clouds
  • Longer range (up to 270m)
  • -20 to +50 degrees C

*New firmware for P20 to be released May 1st. You don’t want to miss this upgrade!

Jetstream software


Leica Geosystems Announces New JetStream Software for CLOUDWORX, an Ultra-High-Speed Server for Laser Scan Data and Improved Project Data  Management Platform. Contact ADSK Solutions today to attend one of our live presentations!


Streaming Laser Scan Data for Big Office Productivity Gains
Instantaneous loading of point cloud data sets of any size. No waiting, no “regens”, and no patchy screen.
Centralized “Project Vault” for Data Management
Leica JetStream Project Vault is a true archive of project data, including point clouds, images, saved clips and layers from Leica Cyclone, and survey control.
Flexible and Affordable Deployment
Affordable deployment options to support their usage needs.
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Pointcloud walking in NW

This new plug-in from Leica enables complete workflows for BIM. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed.  BIM for existing structures are captured with 3D laser scanners for providing as-built conditions in brilliant fidelity. Millions of photo realistic, accurate measurements can be acquired in seconds and they turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process. Now with the new version of Cloudworx for Navisworks (NAVISWORX) points clouds can be seamlessly intergrated into the entire design process utilizing there native format.

global trueviews


Leica Geosystems announces TruView Global                  TruViews are now accessible via any Internet browser, on any device, without a plug-in.

TruView Global, TruViews are now a viable deliverable to any client. Users will find all the same important, popular, and familiar TruView capabilities such as zoom, pan, measurement/mark-up, geotags, and navigation between scan locations, with added and improved offerings including mark-ups being centrally stored for immediate visibility across project partners/concurrent users. This creates a better collaborative environment with easier information sharing between stakeholders.


TruView Global is also backwards compatible. All existing and previous TruViews can be imported and updated to the new TruView Global server format for improved access and collaboration—simply upload existing or new project data to the TruView Global server. Re-energising old projects with TruView Global offers end-users new capabilities from legacy data. All TruView Global point cloud views, from legacy or new data, will continue to take advantage of the “free for use” business model, allowing free access and viewing to end-users.

Lots of changes and more to come. Point clouds are becoming more and more common. Have you seen the hand scanners that are available? It’s time to take advanage of 3D laser scanning technology. Contact ADSK Solutions today for your complimentary presentation of scanning and crucial software workflows and solutions. I have been working with 3D laser scanners since 1998 and utilized the first 3D scanner Cyrax 2400 (now Leica) that was released for production use. I actually have it in my office and yes it still works!

TechKNOWLEDGEy is continously evolving; are you?

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3D laser scanning the KICKSTART

We have all had great ideas, but how many of us go through with that idea? I have been providing 3D scanning solutions for over 15 years and the reasons for 3D laser scanning never cease to impress me. It is commonly used for Mechanical, Architectural and Infrastructure and is even being used with video games and movies. We are capturing data for preservation, etc, but this client has really opened my eyes on how 3D laser scanning can be used and has introduced me to KICKSTARTER. Please take a moment to review what a KICKSTARTER is: Luke has recognized the beauty that surrounds him and is using 3D laser scanning (Leica P20) to bring it back for everyone to enjoy. This is a link of a small sample of a 3D renderings/demo of Howe Cavern. Take a look!  It really is a point cloud!

Below is some information Luke has provided and would like to share.

More information about this KICKSTART is available to provide your support.

October 15th is next Tuesday and my “Exploring Caves and Canyons in 3D” is literally kicking to get started on Kickstarter! OK, I know that was rather cheesy, but can’t you tell how excited I am to share this adventure with you? So that you become just as jazzed as I am about what we’re about to create together, here are what I consider the TOP 5 MOST AMAZING FACTS about Claustral Canyon.

Claustral Canyon is ancient at 50 million-years-old compared to the Grand Canyon, which scientists believe is only 5-million-years “young.” That makes the birthdate of Claustral a little after when the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

David Noble discovered the ancient Wollemi Pine in 1994 in an area about 30 miles away from Claustral. These trees are a part of the Jurassic era of pine trees.

There is absolutely no record of the aboriginals ever going into the canyons. They didn’t have the ropes to rappel down and probably didn’t have much need to go there. This only adds to the mystery of the place.

Claustral Canyon wasn’t fully explored by humans until the 1960s, which makes it a seemingly undiscovered and mysterious place.

Claustral is a very tough place to explore, making it inaccessible to most people. You have to rappel down three sheer waterfalls to get to the bottom of the canyon. There is a lot of jumping and swimming needed and the water is ice-cold, even in the summer, requiring you to wear wetsuits and helmets. Having mentioned that, you need to be in really good shape. A day in the canyon is exhausting for most people and the ascent out of the canyon is actually tougher than going in, requiring you to scale nasty overhanging jutting rocks.

In June, I received permission from the New South Wales Parks Authority in Australia to scan and film the canyon. This was most certainly no easy achievement considering they have turned away quite a few other film companies. There was a long application process because the Parks Authority wants to preserve Claustral Canyon. At the same time, they see the vital importance of educating people about this wondrous natural beauty.

So you see, the 3D rendition of Claustral Canyon offers you an amazing experience without the physical rigors and dangers of actually being there. I just need your help!

Join me next Tuesday, October 15th, for the start of my Kickstarter Campaign. Your contribution and the support you offer by telling your friends and family about this incredible experience will bring us all closer to the magic and the wonder of this unbelievable place on planet Earth.

All the very best,

P.S. Forward this email and help me share Claustral Canyon with the world!

Point Cloud BLUES

blue colors in Revit from ReCapImporting and cleaning point cloud data usally works well in Autodesk ReCap, but if your point cloud ends up turning blue after importing to Revit this Solu-around will help.

1. Import to Autodesk ReCap
2. Remove/clean up data
3. Exports as rcs
4. Open ReCap, new project select rcs file you exported and import it again.
5. The colors should looks good, export it as rcs and open it in Revit

Brand NEW Leica HDS Scanner ???

Leica HDS has just released new firmware (C10_v2.70.0.700.fw) for the C10/C5. The firmware upgrades the current scanner and gives it the look and feel of a new scanner. If your CCP is current I would encourage updating the scanner immediately. Contact ADSK Solutions – Leica Gold Dealer for all Leica HDS upgrades and immediate software and scanning support.


Leica provides a metric tape to measure the height from the scanner to a known point. This update provides a unit conversion icon and to enhance traversing workflows.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL FOR C10/C5 – Windy31 enables remote control from handheld devices such as the ipad and iphone.


Speed up data conversion by scanning directly to USB drive.

***Note: Recommended Flash Drives from existing clients to speed up data transfer.

Best Buy Geek Squad drives (4gbs – 5 mins)


Favorite Scan button is quicker than before


Resection allows calculating an unknown scanner position by measuring 2 or more targets with coordinates.

Please download and review Leica HDS Firmware to review all new features.

Free Cloudworx Training

Complimentary Cloudworx training is available from Leica Geosystems. Simple click the link below to choose from two eLearning videos. Cloudworx for Revit and Cloudworx for AutoCAD. These recorded presentations are instructor lead and provide an in-depth look at Cloudworx. Course material is available and training can be paused to work through features as they are shown. Free Cloudworx Training

For onsite training or follow up questions please contact As an Autodesk and Leica HDS provider we specialize in supporting your Leica HDS Deliverables and workflows. Call today for an ONSITE presentation