UAV (DRONE) TRAINING offered by ADSK Solutions

ADSK Solutions, Troy MI offeres UAV aka drone solutions.

ADSK Solutions offers UAV aka Drone traning and solutions.

ADSK Solutions is a techKNOWLEDGEy Partner with a primary focus on reality computing. We are a Autodesk Silver Partner and provide rental solutions for UAVs, 3D laser scanning, static, hand held, mobile, and kinematic; we also offer reality capture solutions for your firm. Recently, we have discovered a need for UAV, or more commonly knowns as Drone, solutions and workflows.

Our UAV training provides the fundamental concepts for UAV flight training, UAV comparisons, FPV (first person point of view), ground station, (waypoints) video processing and a specialization in photo capture to pointcloud (3D model deliverables). Utilizing a GoPro camera ADSK can capture photos, provide flight paths which then allows us to capture topographical surveys. The deliverable is a 3D point cloud on survey control points.

ADSK Solutions photos returned as a point cloud in Autodesk ReCAP.

ADSK photos returned as a point cloud in Autodesk ReCAP.

ADSK Solutions ran a 40 minute flight path and captured our old office building in Troy, MI. Photos were submited to Autodesk ReCap and this 3D point cloud was returned the next day.

Video of this site was also captured when ADSK Solutions teamed with Autodesk and TJ McCue to present Autodesk 3DRV event. One of our guest speakers, Dr Arron Morris from Autodesk, presented the Phanton II and an incredable video that is available here.

ADSK SOLUTIONS first office building 850 Stephenson hwy, Troy, MI

ADSK SOLUTIONS first office building 850 Stephenson hwy, Troy, MI

ADSK Solutions 3D point cloud opened in the free version of Autodesk ReCAP.

ADSK SOLUTIONS, UAV point cloud inserted in Autodesk InfraWorks 360.

ADSK SOLUTIONS, UAV point cloud inserted in Autodesk InfraWorks 360.

ADSK Solutions certified professionals, utilizing InfraWorks 360 and Model Builder, created this site  and generated the pointcloud in 20 minutes!

ADSK Solutions creates 3D topographical surface from drone point cloud.

ADSK Solutions creates 3D topographical surface with single click from drone point cloud.

Once inserted into Civil 3D 2015 we were able to create a topographical surface with a single click using the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Point Cloud Surface Extraction feature availabe on subscription website. Civil 3D points and feature lines could be added to complete topographical survey.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Point Cloud Surface Extraction

ADSK Solutions training includes all workflows above and covers all the functions of UAV to fly projects successfully. Contact us today and come test fly our drones, run a 3D laser scanner and obtain a better understanding of the functionality and benefits of utilizing Autodesk software. Below is a link to our ADSK Solutions Youtube page for more information about our company and drone projects. 248.906.ADSK –


ADSK Solutions provides Leica Pegasus: One Mobile Mapping Solution

ADSK Solutions partners with Leica to provide first Mobile Mapping Solution.

ADSK Solutions partners with Leica to provide first Mobile Mapping Solution.

ADSK Solutions, LLC Troy, MI partners with Leica Geosystems Inc. to deliver the VERY FIRST LEICA PEGASUS in the US. Spicer Group, inc is actually the first professional engineering, land surveying and planning services firm in North America to purchase the Pegasus;

Two Pelican cases to deliver any where.

Two Pelican cases to deliver any where.

Pegasus on ATV for ALL Terrain solutions

Pegasus on ATV for ALL Terrain solutions

The Pegasus is truly a mobile systems and can be shipped directly to a project site. The system can be mounted directly on a luggage rack. This also provides the opportunity to use it on ATV, golf carts, boats and even push carts for true versatility.



The Pegasus is equipped with 3D laser scanner, cameras, LiDAR sensors and captures data at roadway speeds. Data can be extracted from the point cloud to create accurate road surfaces. This system also offers a unique solution extracting data from images utilizing Esri ArcGIS desktop to extract and manage assets.

Never thought I could write off 3D glasses a business expense.

Never thought I could write off 3D glasses a business expense.


Pegasus RGB

Actual POINT CLOUD DATA from the Leica Pegasus; Mobile Mapping Solutions

3D glasses provide extreme advantage for extracting 3D assets from the point cloud data scanned from this mobile mapping solution. Technology has proven once again that capturing reality is endless. The data captured is incredible. We drove the road once in both directions at roadway speeds and the point cloud is exact replica of existing conditions that we could extract efficiently.

Contact ADSK Solutions  techKNOWLEDGEy partner to learn more about 3D static mobile and Kinematic solutions and connect with Spicer Group for Mobile mapping project solutions immediately. The system is mobile and they provide projects all over the country.

Kinematic Mobile 3D Laser Scanning

Attach any static scanner that provides the profile option to the top of the trolly, golf cart, all-terrian vehical or use custom mount and actually walk with the system. The presentation below was provided from an event that ADSK Solutions provided at Comerica park (Tiger Stadium) in downtown Detroit. The data is captured, processed, and shown in Autodesk ReCap and Autodesk Infraworks 2014.

The PROSCAN system captures data INSIDE and OUTSIDE. The system is currently available for purchase and ADSK Solutions offer proof of concept projects. We are located in Troy, Michigan and looking  forward to your feedback.

Point Cloud BLUES

blue colors in Revit from ReCapImporting and cleaning point cloud data usally works well in Autodesk ReCap, but if your point cloud ends up turning blue after importing to Revit this Solu-around will help.

1. Import to Autodesk ReCap
2. Remove/clean up data
3. Exports as rcs
4. Open ReCap, new project select rcs file you exported and import it again.
5. The colors should looks good, export it as rcs and open it in Revit


Check out the new scanner Leica released. P20 – New Leica High Definition Laser Scanner, FIRST EVER 1,000,000 points a second TIME OF FLIGHT SCANNER. Leica has produced the ultimate all in one scanner. Video

Leica HDS P20 ALL-IN-ONE Laser Scanner

Leica HDS P20 ALL-IN-ONE Laser Scanner

Contact for a presentation.

  • up to 1,000,000 points per secon
  • class 1 laser
  • accuracy of 3mm at 50m
  • full C10 surveying functionality
  • extended the temperatures -20C
  • through +50C (-4F through 122F)
  • re-calibrate automatically and electronically
  • targets can be acquired in the field
  • with a Face1/Face2 methodology
  • up dated screen and icons
  • integrated WiFi
  • upside down scanning
  • extended battery life

Brand NEW Leica HDS Scanner ???

Leica HDS has just released new firmware (C10_v2.70.0.700.fw) for the C10/C5. The firmware upgrades the current scanner and gives it the look and feel of a new scanner. If your CCP is current I would encourage updating the scanner immediately. Contact ADSK Solutions – Leica Gold Dealer for all Leica HDS upgrades and immediate software and scanning support.


Leica provides a metric tape to measure the height from the scanner to a known point. This update provides a unit conversion icon and to enhance traversing workflows.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL FOR C10/C5 – Windy31 enables remote control from handheld devices such as the ipad and iphone.


Speed up data conversion by scanning directly to USB drive.

***Note: Recommended Flash Drives from existing clients to speed up data transfer.

Best Buy Geek Squad drives (4gbs – 5 mins)


Favorite Scan button is quicker than before


Resection allows calculating an unknown scanner position by measuring 2 or more targets with coordinates.

Please download and review Leica HDS Firmware to review all new features.

Free Cloudworx Training

Complimentary Cloudworx training is available from Leica Geosystems. Simple click the link below to choose from two eLearning videos. Cloudworx for Revit and Cloudworx for AutoCAD. These recorded presentations are instructor lead and provide an in-depth look at Cloudworx. Course material is available and training can be paused to work through features as they are shown. Free Cloudworx Training

For onsite training or follow up questions please contact As an Autodesk and Leica HDS provider we specialize in supporting your Leica HDS Deliverables and workflows. Call today for an ONSITE presentation