Autodesk created a new division called Reality Capture a couple years back. Within that time we have seen Autodesk develop RECAP software for almost all Autodesk design suites, RECAP PHOTO and RECAP PRO for registering point clouds. They have also released Memento and more. Check out the latest in reality capture (computing) and augmenting techology with Autodesk at AUTODESK REAL in SAN FRANSICO.


3D SENSOR for ipad ……..Mobile Scanning

Structure sensor

This 3D Sensor will revolutionize Reality Capture and Augmenting for Design.

Structure sensor is another path for the future of mobile scanning.  Simply point and capture with your iPAD. Whatever you AIM at becomes digital in your computer. Capture every dimension of a room in seconds and share it on your phone for verification. Architects, Plant layout, Construction, Forensics, Gamers; etc. Combine this with 3D printing capabilities and I could brainstorm all day. Checkout the video below to see how virtual world will be used to play games in the near future.

$329 and imagination is all you need. For $329 I will buy one to finish my basement, deck, or landscaping.


You probably own a device like this already. Did you know the technology came from the XBOX Kinect?

The xbox tracks your location utilizing sensors.

ADSK Solutions does not profit from any of the Kickstarter projects. We are showing/bragging about these projects because we are excited to use them as well. As a techKNOWLEDGEy partner we find the technology; learn the workflows and bring them to life for real-world applications. Our time, and experience will build knowledge, and prepare us to share with you when the product is actually ready for mainstream. Below is the link to get in on the ground floor like we did. You have less than 24 hours. We will continue to provide project updates after we receive out sensor. Structure Sensor Kickstarter

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Point Clouds now available in 3ds Max 2014


Autodesk ReCap 2014 is now compatible with 3ds Max 2014. Open .rcs or .rcp files directly with Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 to create renderings with point cloud data. Existing conditions are captured and displayed quickly with the new extension. Download it today from Autodesk subscription center. Contact ADSK Solutions today for 3D laser scanning solutions. We rent, sell, implement, static and moble scanning solutions.

More information available at:

Point Cloud BLUES

blue colors in Revit from ReCapImporting and cleaning point cloud data usally works well in Autodesk ReCap, but if your point cloud ends up turning blue after importing to Revit this Solu-around will help.

1. Import to Autodesk ReCap
2. Remove/clean up data
3. Exports as rcs
4. Open ReCap, new project select rcs file you exported and import it again.
5. The colors should looks good, export it as rcs and open it in Revit

New and FREE POINT CLOUD apps available for Civil 3D

Extracting point cloud features.

Extracting point cloud features.

Scan manager in action

Scan manager in action

New point cloud apps available for all Autodesk platforms built on AutoCAD. These apps are complementary and can be installed immediately.

Point Cloud Scan Manager
The scan manager is a great tool. It provides the ability to turn individual scans on and off. Similar to layers it lets users manage data and display only what is necessary. This app updates the point cloud display while the scan manager is open to confirm the correct scan was selected. Simply install the app below and select the point cloud to utilize the scan manager app. Becareful if you turn all of the scans off you will need to type PCScanMan to display the scan manager.

Feature extraction app now available
Feature extraction tool has endless opportunities. As an Infrastructure professional I immediately gravitated to the cropping and section tool. I was impressed with both of these. Cropping is very simple. Select the point cloud and chose rectangular or polygonal. This feature is obvious and provides expected results. The section tool was less obvious. I used a Solu-Around like expressed on my blog. Utilize the section tool and select polygon to crop the centerline or paint stripe. Select the starting point of the line and end point. Yes an accurate 3D polyline is drawn that can be used to develop existing surface.
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